14/04 Rachel’s drinking!

Dear God,

Sometimes I wonder how you find the most perfect ways to blow our minds. Sometimes it gets me so caught up. I get so dragged up into life, so swallowed that I forget to pray for my own friends. God I want to thank you and YOU only that you have used Rachel’s situation to remind me of praying for my friends. Prayer isnt something that happens on a whim, it happens gradually and sometimes over long periods of time. Help me to understand that.


ENough about me! God GOD i want to Thank you!! Because of the strength you have put into Rachel’s heart, you have given her dedication and committment, she has said no to partying with her friends. As there will definitely be alcohol present.

God I thank you so much for her spirit, her strength that you have provided.

I thank you so much that you are looking out for her every step of the way, and I thank you because I can see her growin gcloser to you step by step, each day.

God I thank you for Rachel, I pray that you will reward her and bless her in her life, although you have given us as people sooo much. But God, praise you, i pray that the heavens are praising you as we speak!!! For rachel and any other christian who feels blessed by you God. I thank you so so much for Rachel’s blessed and honest and pure heart. I pray that you will be with her, use me and our comgroup as tools to guide her to the right place Lord.

I pray that you will take care of her, let no harm come to her, let no fear deceieve her.

Instead help her to love you even more. and help her to come to you even more. God I rpay you will help her to put everything below you, as she has done with drinking!


Thank you Lord, you are so good, so good. So good to us. You deserve everything and more. I love You Lord, we both Love You God.


Amen –