For Josh

Dear God,

Josh is a very interesting being, he is so loving to others,and he serves others with such a huge heart, yet there’s times when he can’t receive love from people, words of affirmation. I find that so peculiar and so strange God. I want to take this time to pray for him, to support him through prayer, to love him through prayer and to be a sister to him through Christ. God, I’m not too sure what it feels like to not like receiving kind words, or maybe I do. Either way, for someone to be so loving, yet not wanting to recieve any back, or wanting to be CANT, is incredible.I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like being praised byw ords, who doesnt feel loved by words.

God, I pray you will help him, because although Christ died for us through his actions, he also showed his love through words, through his tongue God. Although yes, he did heal the blind, he did heal the dead, he did all these actions and yes that is good. But he aalso loved us through his words, he spoke on the cross “forgive them father for they do not know.” How then? How then can people not feel love through words, when God gave us the gift of this tongue to guide us along the way? How then can we as people, can Josh as a person who KNOWS the important of affirming someone with words, not feel it?

God, I pray for him, that he will find out his identity in you. Maybe he lacks self confidence, and if he does, let him grow confident not of this world, but in you god. Let him grow stronger in you, let him grow to become a beautiful and kind and loving man, an image of yourself. God i pray you will help him to accept the words of affirmation form his friends and family, all in your own timing. I pray that you will always help me, remind me to always pray for Josh. For he is such a great person, his character is amazing. And i think he deserves it.

God please be with his family. Im not sure what theyre goin gthrough but it doesnt sound great, they need your support. I pray that you will take over at their marriage, i pray that you will help Josh’s family to bond together during this time in You God, I pray that they will find support and strength under your wing, may you protect them God. I pray you will help them, through this, to grow ever stronger in you God. I pray that you will help him, to remind him that struggles are another way of your love, a hidden image of how much you love us, and how much you truly care,

God I also want to pray for him in terms of struggling in trusting you God. At times, we as people begin to struggle over the small things in life, things that may not seem big to us. The true treasures in life are not of this world, it is not money, fame, success, good grades, but it is You, pursuing YOU, loving YOU, Serving YOU. God i pray that you will allow Josh to grow, help him to grow more sturdier in you, help him to reach the point where he just wants you to take over his life beause hes sick of failing and stressing. God I pray that he will humbly and weakly weep to you God, change his perspective so that he may focus truly on you. Never let him forget why he has followed you, and why he is your child today. Its so easy for us to forget when we’re praising you, but how do we act in that same perspective during challenges, during the times when we have so many assignments we feel as if we’re choking?

God i pray you will help him God, Help him to always aim for you, and ot always reach for you God. Help him not to be distracted by the struggles and stresses of exams, uni, friends, maybe even family. I pray that in his heart, only you come first, everything comes afterwards. And if we put you first, everythin gbegins to fall into place!

God i also pray lastly that you will helphim find the female who will love him forever, i pray that you will help him find someone suited and created for him, out of his ribs God.

I pray because I care, and although sometimes i say i want to be that person, I know in my heart that that may not be the case.


Thank you Lord-

We pray in your name, Amen –



14/04 Rachel’s drinking!

Dear God,

Sometimes I wonder how you find the most perfect ways to blow our minds. Sometimes it gets me so caught up. I get so dragged up into life, so swallowed that I forget to pray for my own friends. God I want to thank you and YOU only that you have used Rachel’s situation to remind me of praying for my friends. Prayer isnt something that happens on a whim, it happens gradually and sometimes over long periods of time. Help me to understand that.


ENough about me! God GOD i want to Thank you!! Because of the strength you have put into Rachel’s heart, you have given her dedication and committment, she has said no to partying with her friends. As there will definitely be alcohol present.

God I thank you so much for her spirit, her strength that you have provided.

I thank you so much that you are looking out for her every step of the way, and I thank you because I can see her growin gcloser to you step by step, each day.

God I thank you for Rachel, I pray that you will reward her and bless her in her life, although you have given us as people sooo much. But God, praise you, i pray that the heavens are praising you as we speak!!! For rachel and any other christian who feels blessed by you God. I thank you so so much for Rachel’s blessed and honest and pure heart. I pray that you will be with her, use me and our comgroup as tools to guide her to the right place Lord.

I pray that you will take care of her, let no harm come to her, let no fear deceieve her.

Instead help her to love you even more. and help her to come to you even more. God I rpay you will help her to put everything below you, as she has done with drinking!


Thank you Lord, you are so good, so good. So good to us. You deserve everything and more. I love You Lord, we both Love You God.


Amen –

For Alex

Dear Lord,

Family is so important.

Josh shared in CG that “God has created family before church, and that is why family always comes first,” 

I think this message is extremely important.. especially for someone who finds it hard to relate and connect with their family, like Alex.

God I pray because I know how it feels to be neglected in the family, kind of what I’m feeling now. The situation where Alex’s father was never around because he was working, is similar to the situation of my mum continually travelling to make a living.

God I pray t hat you will help him to forgive his father, and not have a heavy heart towards him God. I pray that you will help him to understand why his father was never around, and I pray that you will heal his brokenness – and allow him to bring this problem up to you, and confess his weakness towards you God. I also pray that he will be able to drop his pride and admit his faults and his struggles to you God, and that he may find comfort through this God. I pray that today, he was able to praise you through spending a day with his family. I pray that you are with them, and that you are revolving around throughout and in between the family atmosphere.

God I also pray for his faith and salvation. I pray that as he joins fellowship, that he may always fix his eyes on the true purpose of serving – for you God. I pray that he will not look for anby credit, yet find joy in seeing people praise God through the serving acts.

I pray that he will always and continue to strive for you God, I pray that he will always admit to you that he is weak, and a sinner, and that you are strong Lord. I pray that he will always be reminded that our flesh may fail, but God you never will. I pray that he will diligently continue to pursue you and be forever thankful of your mercy and grace.

Thank you so much for bringing him into my life, that I’m able to keep him accountable towards you God, i pray that you will use me in order to bring him closer to you also.

Thank you Lord,

We pray in Jesus’ name, Amen-

For Rachel


For the past few weeks as I’ve been growing more and more closer to Rachel, I feel that we are both beginning to pour out our emotions and struggles to one another. I do sometimes fear that our friendship is developing too quickly, so please help me to have faith in you. Please God, take over in our friendship, help our friendship to revolve around you and you only. Please be the center.

I pray for her diligence and consistency God. I pray that she will be able to maintain the balance of worship, prayer, evangelism and reading the word in order to please you God and to gain knowledge.God I pray that she will always rely and depend on you – I pray that she will be able lean on you when she explores who You are, in order to never be burnt out. I pray that our friendship can hold each other accountable, and always strengthen each other when need be – through thick&thin.

God with the absense of a physical mother figure, I can’t imagine what Rachel might be going through. But I pray that you will replace her loneliness with her mum with the warmth and love of you God. I pray that you will give her the strength to always seek your face whenever she feels alone, even when she feels compelled not to. God please use me to help her become closer towards you. I think as any human, it gets extremely difficult when you dont have an actual physical mother to lean on in times of need. I pray that she will be able to find the comfort from you – and grow stronger in her faith.

God I also pray for her and her situation with Matthew. I think sometimes It can become extremely confusing to whether or not we should be seeking someone or waiting for ourselves to mature- we continually ask, what would God want? I pray that you will reveal to her of what you want her to do. I pray that you will provide her strength to pursue you in times of need and hopelessness. God it gets difficult, especially on the day when she confronts him of what she truly feels. I pray that you will give her courage to speak her heart to him, I pray that she will also do this for the right heart also.

God Lastly, I pray for her physical strength throughout the period without any parent at her home. I pray that you will give her strength to balance between work, study, chores and you God. Time management is a true gift that is extremely hard to master. I pray that you will give her the ability to balance her life and always remember and strive to do QT. I also pray that she will do all things (all aspects in life balancing) for the glory of you, and do it to show your name throughout the nations Lord.

No matter the bumps, no matter the bruises, the truth is that the cross has made us flawless.

Thank you Lord,

We pray in Jesus’ name, Amen-

For Dohee and SOJ

Dear Lord,

Recently as I’ve joined CG, I was able to hear the testimony of SOJ onni – how she’s been burnt out and can’t find the road back to you, how she’s losing motivation to run to you. Listening to her journey in her own faith and relationship with you, it makes me fear for the future ahead.. Hearing how she can’t seem to find a way out really makes me want to pray for her.. Not only her, but my mentor Dohee onni is now also feeling very burnt out. She also feels that she was bearing too much on her shoulders. Both these poeple , daughters of you God, are worn out and can’t seem to find the road back to you.

But God, I know for a fact that struggles in our life occurs for a reason, a way to show us that you care – in a different form! I pray that although they have hoped and hoped to be rejuvenated by you, that their hope will be everlasting, as you work through them. God I pray that you will reveal yourself to them both in your own time. I pray that you will let them always be reminded of who you are God, and I pray that they will continue to have the motivation to run after you. Perhaps in their earlier life, they focused on the strength of themselves and not you. But Lord, even if that is not the case, I pray that you will work through them, give them the ability to run towards you once again, to cling on to you once again. Please use their friends, accountability, CG members and even the word to bring them back closer to you Lord. Being away from you is a scary fearful thing – having no motivation to run back to you and the word is something that I could never imagine. But God, I pray that you will pour oil into their hearts, and sanctify their souls that they may be able to burn for you once again.

I think the ability for us to not become burnt out includes putting our strength into you, and relying on you to take over our mental and physical capacities. I also think it means to balance between reading the word, praise, evangelism and prayer. I pray that they will also be able to realize this through their tough winter climate with you God.

Help them to always have their feet running, their heart beating, their eyes fixed towards you Lord. I pray for them dearly, because they are both, children of God.

Thank you Lord, We pray in Jesus’ name.


For Alex – 02

Dear Lord,

I didn’t get to see much of Alex today, which is a bit of a shame.

But nevertheless, I will continue to pray for him because he is an important person to me. So funnily enough, I just recieved a call from him asking if I wanted to go to EMP with him. God I’m not sure if that was a coincidence, but honestly I dont really believe in coincidences.. I think this may be a calling for me to go to EMP – also because the time fits so well anyway.

Continuing on with praying for Alex ,I’m not too sure where he is at with his faith. I do know that he believes in you, but I’m not sure if he continues to diligently do QT or bible study in his spare time. Or if he spends time in prayer for himself and other people. But God, I pray that whatever happens, he will never lose sight of you- because thats the last thing that I would ever want for him.

I also pray for his membership with the fellowship ministry, I pray that he will continue to serve in that ministry for the right reason – to glorify you and you alone. I know its hard to serve in ministries without wanting some credit of your own, but God I pray that he wont focus on receiving credit, rather his credit would come from his act of service for the church.

I also pray for his attraction towards anyone. Being a single guy without any girlfriend in his life, sometimes it can be tough. But God, help him to find pure satisfaction in you rather than seeking for love elsewhere, because we both know that you can never find another one of your love. Help him to depend on you in times of need, and to plead with you in prayer and petition. Its great to go to friends for help in times of need, but I feel like noone can give true support besides you – for you alone can do the things that noone else can in this world. So God, I also pray for his dependence on you. I don’t want him feeling that he isn’t good enough for anyone in this world. Sometimes its inevitable to think that way, especially with all the insecurities in our lives, but I want tothank you that you have kept us both in the same CG – so that I may keep him accountable and he to me. I pray that you will use me to strengthen Alex as a friend – to rebuke him and to love him also. Help me like you did for the internship incident. In that way, hopefully he will be able to grow stronger in you.


God, his qualities are so pure, and some are extremely admirable. Help him to have full confidence in you – and I pray that you will help him to never let his gaze wander elsewhere, but always focus on you.


We pray in Jesus’ name, Amen-

For Rachel – 02

Dear Lord,

I’m so blessed to have Rachel as a friend.. over the couple of weeks we’ve been able to truly establish our friendship – a bond that brings us closer to you. Would this be the friend that I’ve been praying for? I pray that you will have your way with us – wherever you take us.

But God, this prayer is about Rachel – and how she’s struggling to keep you above everything else. I know you acknowledge her heart, how beautiful is it to want to put you above everything else in her life. To wake up and not think about her issues in life, but to wake up and think about how great you are for bringing another day into her life. God I know the road is tough and it may take a while for her to reach that stage in her faith, but I pray that with your strength, she will get there.

Its been a long time since I’ve seen Matthew, and seeing him was so great! I honestly couldn’t comprehend the stress Rachel was going through with figuring out her feelings for Matthew until I started gaining feelings for Alex.. I guess I do know what she is battling with, not knowing whether having Matthew in her heart is good for her, whether she should just forget about him and quit.. etc. But I pray God, that she will be able to recognize that all she has to do is to trust in you, and to meditate in your word, and to stick by the word that you have provided for us. In that way i believe that you will sort the sky to blue..

I know it gets tough sometimes, and I know you of all things would understand the meaning of unconditional and unrequited love. But God, I pray that Rachel will truly rest in your grace and love, rather than seeking love from Matthew. Furthermore, I pray that she will be able to depend on you truly instead of having to figure her fate with Matthew out, all by herself. I  believe that she will get there, because she truly does have the determination God.

Rachel is such an inspiration friend, one that I probably might not be able to live without – or life would be extremely different and perhaps abit lonely without her. So God, I pray for her, that you will give her strength in laying all her issues and emotional turmoils at your feet so that she may completely focus on dedicating her life to you. Because thats where she wants to be with her faith – and its a beautiful heart to have. Make sure she never lets it go..


We pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.


Answered Prayer: Alex

Dear Lord,

Thank you so much, Thank you so so much.. I absolutely love this feeling of knowing that you listen to our prayers. I thank you so much that Alex was able to focus on the true reason of him finding a job, and to rely solely on your strength. He was able to have faith in you and to trust in you – for it is not by his works but by yours! I pray that he will continue to have this faith, and this will be a reminder for him to always look back on – whenever he seems to lose faith in you Lord – which ironically is natural and common for people.. But God, i thankyou so much that he has been able to completely rely on you, and really understand and learn from this disheartening experience.

I pray that you will help him to be strong in his faith in you, and courageous with the fire that you place in his heart Lord, may he always strive for you and you only, even when things get tough.

I do understand that people can stray away from you at times, and beciome very dry and distant Lord, But I also know that you’re always by our side.. no matter what. Help him to always depend on that throughout his moments of struggle and giddy. No problem is ever too small or large for you Lord. There is no such thing.

I pray that he will remember this, and become humbled by your strength, and by your love.


Thank you so much that you’ve answered Alex and I’s prayers. I want to lift up your name today,

We pray in Jesus’ name,


For Alex – Job Hunting: Who is it truly for?


As the season change throughout our lives, we become more and more aware of the responsibilities we have – money, friends, community and even our jobs. In our age, not having a job could either show that you are completely dedicated to Uni, OR you’re extremely lazy.

Sometimes, people just cant see in between-

I think that’s where my good brother Alex comes in.

A university student, looking for a job. But as he was sharing to me on Sunday, I was wondering in my head, why does he really want a job? I mean throughout his sharing he never once mentioned You.. You God, are meant to be the center of our hearts, and the priority in everything we do. Of course, we fail that..but its so important to strive!

I think thats what I’m concerned for.. I’m scared that maybe Alex doesnt see the need to pray for his job, or he doesn’t see the need to really ask You for help. Maybe he doesn’t have enough faith, or maybe he thinks Your strength isn’t the greatest. Both are dangerous and I pray that he is not plopping in those waters. I pray that God, you will let him realize that only You can be int he center of his attention Lord, because You are essentially our God. And to strive for something that will not glorify you in any way, (as our heart shows us) then why do it? I let him know that if You don’t pray for it, then You can’t expect it to happen – you’ve got to clear your mind and heart and think – how is it glorfying God?

God, I pray that you will help Alex to realize that.. the importance of finding a job is so not equivalent to following and glorifying you Lord. I pray that he will always remember that, and I pray that when he finally acknowledges that, he will find true joy in you – and rest in your love Lord.

I pray that he will be able to really understand that only You can do what noone in this world ever can,


Thank you so much for everything Lord. I love praying for my friends and I’m so glad that I had time to do this today!!

In Jesus’ name we pray,



For Rachel

Dear God,

This is my first ever Think Tank Prayer on a laptop, and I am so privileged to pray for Rachel with this new tool. This is as exciting as ever because I can never ever get my hands aching – unlike when I’m writing.

God I do pray for Rachel, I really do… She is such an inspiring person in my life, such a beautiful creature Lord. I know her heart, I know it so well – it is kind, precious, innocent yet so firm and strong in you. She really reflects some attributes that I actually envy at times. I feel like during high school, that was the main reason why I was so cold and harsh – due to envy. She’s really great and of course you would know because she is your daughter. Lord I am so thankful that you kept us together for so long – that you have given us the taste of the harsh developments of a true sister in Christ. I absolutely love spending time with her, and sharing with her of our struggles in life, our walk with you.. etc. Although i do sometimes have an extremely heavy heart – as I don’t deserve a sister like her, I pray that you will help me God in forgiving myself, and allowing her to forgive me, if she hasn’t so already.

I believe that in our age now, we are so welcomed by all the impurities of this world, this limited sinful place we live in. We as humans become driven to what we can actually see, what we can have tangibly in our hands – rather than having true sturdy faith. I believe that you will bless Rachel in giving her strength to never let go of you , and to never strive for anything LESS than you. I pray that as she grows, wherever You take her, I pray that she will grow to become a strong, passionate lover for you Lord. I can only pray for this, as I would pray for myself – in pure love and hope for the future days to come. I only think its fair to say that living in this world is dangerous, and sometimes it can be really scary too. There’s so many things happening in this world, and our security is so little. Satan comes to steal and attack at the dead of night, but funnily enough – even during the days, right before our eyes. I just pray that Rachel will be able to cling on to you during her struggles, her trials and temptations also. That she will turn to you in prayer and petition, in meditating the word rather than focusing on the limited things in this world that could bring you happiness, not joy.

See the difference between happiness and joy is that happiness is of this world – limited pleasures, and joy is the true everlasting pleasure we find in you – complete adoration. I pray that in Rachel’s life, as she walks closer to you, she will grow to become your true sheep, and find everlasting joy in you.

Lord I pray for Rachel, because I care and because I desire the best for her. However I also know that you are in control, that you have the true ultimate heart for her. I pray for Rachel, from the bottom of my heart.