Answered Prayer: Alex

Dear Lord,

Thank you so much, Thank you so so much.. I absolutely love this feeling of knowing that you listen to our prayers. I thank you so much that Alex was able to focus on the true reason of him finding a job, and to rely solely on your strength. He was able to have faith in you and to trust in you – for it is not by his works but by yours! I pray that he will continue to have this faith, and this will be a reminder for him to always look back on – whenever he seems to lose faith in you Lord – which ironically is natural and common for people.. But God, i thankyou so much that he has been able to completely rely on you, and really understand and learn from this disheartening experience.

I pray that you will help him to be strong in his faith in you, and courageous with the fire that you place in his heart Lord, may he always strive for you and you only, even when things get tough.

I do understand that people can stray away from you at times, and beciome very dry and distant Lord, But I also know that you’re always by our side.. no matter what. Help him to always depend on that throughout his moments of struggle and giddy. No problem is ever too small or large for you Lord. There is no such thing.

I pray that he will remember this, and become humbled by your strength, and by your love.


Thank you so much that you’ve answered Alex and I’s prayers. I want to lift up your name today,

We pray in Jesus’ name,