me heart

God, I feel as though my heart has been on a roller coaster.

I met this Josh, and then I thought he was amazing. I thanmk you that he is here in my life, but i cant date right now. I think you showed me a fragment of what is to come if I do date anyone, I begin to fall away.

God iwant to be grounded with you before I move onto anything. Although my flesh wants a man, want to be loved by poeple, I want to have the heart where I dont need that. Instead, your love iws completely enough with me.

I want to feel that God. .. i want to feel that.


Help me God. Thats what I want to feel.

I dont want to feel emotions towards anyone in the wrong way, as friends I want to show love, as support. God take over, I want to feel your love, I want your love to be enough..

I dont want to date, and I want you to take over. Please do God.


Thankyoum we pray in Jesus’ name,

Amen –


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