For PG2 Camp


you are so great – that you have planted the illusion of waking up earlier than usual i nmy mind so that I can spend time to pray and bask in your glory.

God i pray for camp. as i become prepared, and as I begin to become nervous of whats to come, i want to apologize for not praying to you earlier. For some reason that must have skipped my mind., God i really want this camp to be amazing, to be great, for the students to meet you in their lives God.

I really want them to encounter you today so they may be able to cling on to something. Although its a blissful moment, I pray you will help them God. I pray for Julia, that she may be able to influence Rita after shes attended the camp, after shes has tasted a small fraction of who you are.

I want her to see that this world is decaying, and I want all the students to know that YOU are amazing God. Not that the world is amazing, not that the world can provide them with happiness but that YOU can provide them with eternal joy – all you need is our heart. God I pray for them Lord, I really pray earnestly that if teachers rely on their own strength to bring you closer, it wont work. I pray you will humble the teachers ,and to love and serve the students with all their hearts – including me.


God i pray that the camp itself, you will take over. I want you to take over the camp, and what students feel towards it at debrief. I’d rather you do it than noon eelse. because at least I can trust you with ALL my heart that this is happening for a resason. God i pray that this camp will run according tot he way YOU want it, and the way YOU designed it God.

I lastly pray for the unity between leaders. God may you help us all, to unite together and help each and every one of us out. Would you incline us to each other, would you especially help those in the same group, such as Ho, Janette andI.

Lord i pray that this camp, there will be no group that feels left out, nothing likethat.

Instead I pray that this year, the camp wlll be filled with people, new friendships, new joy, and a stronger bond with you.


I pray for the ones who aren’t coming from PG2 God. I pray that you will put the regret into their hearts,that you will instill it into their minds. God I really do  pray for those students as they are walking on dangerous waters. Whatever the reason, God i pray that you will chage their hearts, change the hearts of their parents, and change them altogether. Meeting you is so important, I praythat it willhappen.


Thank you Lord, Although this prayer is one of only a few for camp, it is prayed with earnest, honest, humble love for the students.


Thank you God


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