For Josh

Dear God,

Josh is a very interesting being, he is so loving to others,and he serves others with such a huge heart, yet there’s times when he can’t receive love from people, words of affirmation. I find that so peculiar and so strange God. I want to take this time to pray for him, to support him through prayer, to love him through prayer and to be a sister to him through Christ. God, I’m not too sure what it feels like to not like receiving kind words, or maybe I do. Either way, for someone to be so loving, yet not wanting to recieve any back, or wanting to be CANT, is incredible.I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like being praised byw ords, who doesnt feel loved by words.

God, I pray you will help him, because although Christ died for us through his actions, he also showed his love through words, through his tongue God. Although yes, he did heal the blind, he did heal the dead, he did all these actions and yes that is good. But he aalso loved us through his words, he spoke on the cross “forgive them father for they do not know.” How then? How then can people not feel love through words, when God gave us the gift of this tongue to guide us along the way? How then can we as people, can Josh as a person who KNOWS the important of affirming someone with words, not feel it?

God, I pray for him, that he will find out his identity in you. Maybe he lacks self confidence, and if he does, let him grow confident not of this world, but in you god. Let him grow stronger in you, let him grow to become a beautiful and kind and loving man, an image of yourself. God i pray you will help him to accept the words of affirmation form his friends and family, all in your own timing. I pray that you will always help me, remind me to always pray for Josh. For he is such a great person, his character is amazing. And i think he deserves it.

God please be with his family. Im not sure what theyre goin gthrough but it doesnt sound great, they need your support. I pray that you will take over at their marriage, i pray that you will help Josh’s family to bond together during this time in You God, I pray that they will find support and strength under your wing, may you protect them God. I pray you will help them, through this, to grow ever stronger in you God. I pray that you will help him, to remind him that struggles are another way of your love, a hidden image of how much you love us, and how much you truly care,

God I also want to pray for him in terms of struggling in trusting you God. At times, we as people begin to struggle over the small things in life, things that may not seem big to us. The true treasures in life are not of this world, it is not money, fame, success, good grades, but it is You, pursuing YOU, loving YOU, Serving YOU. God i pray that you will allow Josh to grow, help him to grow more sturdier in you, help him to reach the point where he just wants you to take over his life beause hes sick of failing and stressing. God I pray that he will humbly and weakly weep to you God, change his perspective so that he may focus truly on you. Never let him forget why he has followed you, and why he is your child today. Its so easy for us to forget when we’re praising you, but how do we act in that same perspective during challenges, during the times when we have so many assignments we feel as if we’re choking?

God i pray you will help him God, Help him to always aim for you, and ot always reach for you God. Help him not to be distracted by the struggles and stresses of exams, uni, friends, maybe even family. I pray that in his heart, only you come first, everything comes afterwards. And if we put you first, everythin gbegins to fall into place!

God i also pray lastly that you will helphim find the female who will love him forever, i pray that you will help him find someone suited and created for him, out of his ribs God.

I pray because I care, and although sometimes i say i want to be that person, I know in my heart that that may not be the case.


Thank you Lord-

We pray in your name, Amen –



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