For Rachel


For the past few weeks as I’ve been growing more and more closer to Rachel, I feel that we are both beginning to pour out our emotions and struggles to one another. I do sometimes fear that our friendship is developing too quickly, so please help me to have faith in you. Please God, take over in our friendship, help our friendship to revolve around you and you only. Please be the center.

I pray for her diligence and consistency God. I pray that she will be able to maintain the balance of worship, prayer, evangelism and reading the word in order to please you God and to gain knowledge.God I pray that she will always rely and depend on you – I pray that she will be able lean on you when she explores who You are, in order to never be burnt out. I pray that our friendship can hold each other accountable, and always strengthen each other when need be – through thick&thin.

God with the absense of a physical mother figure, I can’t imagine what Rachel might be going through. But I pray that you will replace her loneliness with her mum with the warmth and love of you God. I pray that you will give her the strength to always seek your face whenever she feels alone, even when she feels compelled not to. God please use me to help her become closer towards you. I think as any human, it gets extremely difficult when you dont have an actual physical mother to lean on in times of need. I pray that she will be able to find the comfort from you – and grow stronger in her faith.

God I also pray for her and her situation with Matthew. I think sometimes It can become extremely confusing to whether or not we should be seeking someone or waiting for ourselves to mature- we continually ask, what would God want? I pray that you will reveal to her of what you want her to do. I pray that you will provide her strength to pursue you in times of need and hopelessness. God it gets difficult, especially on the day when she confronts him of what she truly feels. I pray that you will give her courage to speak her heart to him, I pray that she will also do this for the right heart also.

God Lastly, I pray for her physical strength throughout the period without any parent at her home. I pray that you will give her strength to balance between work, study, chores and you God. Time management is a true gift that is extremely hard to master. I pray that you will give her the ability to balance her life and always remember and strive to do QT. I also pray that she will do all things (all aspects in life balancing) for the glory of you, and do it to show your name throughout the nations Lord.

No matter the bumps, no matter the bruises, the truth is that the cross has made us flawless.

Thank you Lord,

We pray in Jesus’ name, Amen-


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