For Dohee and SOJ

Dear Lord,

Recently as I’ve joined CG, I was able to hear the testimony of SOJ onni – how she’s been burnt out and can’t find the road back to you, how she’s losing motivation to run to you. Listening to her journey in her own faith and relationship with you, it makes me fear for the future ahead.. Hearing how she can’t seem to find a way out really makes me want to pray for her.. Not only her, but my mentor Dohee onni is now also feeling very burnt out. She also feels that she was bearing too much on her shoulders. Both these poeple , daughters of you God, are worn out and can’t seem to find the road back to you.

But God, I know for a fact that struggles in our life occurs for a reason, a way to show us that you care – in a different form! I pray that although they have hoped and hoped to be rejuvenated by you, that their hope will be everlasting, as you work through them. God I pray that you will reveal yourself to them both in your own time. I pray that you will let them always be reminded of who you are God, and I pray that they will continue to have the motivation to run after you. Perhaps in their earlier life, they focused on the strength of themselves and not you. But Lord, even if that is not the case, I pray that you will work through them, give them the ability to run towards you once again, to cling on to you once again. Please use their friends, accountability, CG members and even the word to bring them back closer to you Lord. Being away from you is a scary fearful thing – having no motivation to run back to you and the word is something that I could never imagine. But God, I pray that you will pour oil into their hearts, and sanctify their souls that they may be able to burn for you once again.

I think the ability for us to not become burnt out includes putting our strength into you, and relying on you to take over our mental and physical capacities. I also think it means to balance between reading the word, praise, evangelism and prayer. I pray that they will also be able to realize this through their tough winter climate with you God.

Help them to always have their feet running, their heart beating, their eyes fixed towards you Lord. I pray for them dearly, because they are both, children of God.

Thank you Lord, We pray in Jesus’ name.



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