For Alex

Dear Lord,

Family is so important.

Josh shared in CG that “God has created family before church, and that is why family always comes first,” 

I think this message is extremely important.. especially for someone who finds it hard to relate and connect with their family, like Alex.

God I pray because I know how it feels to be neglected in the family, kind of what I’m feeling now. The situation where Alex’s father was never around because he was working, is similar to the situation of my mum continually travelling to make a living.

God I pray t hat you will help him to forgive his father, and not have a heavy heart towards him God. I pray that you will help him to understand why his father was never around, and I pray that you will heal his brokenness – and allow him to bring this problem up to you, and confess his weakness towards you God. I also pray that he will be able to drop his pride and admit his faults and his struggles to you God, and that he may find comfort through this God. I pray that today, he was able to praise you through spending a day with his family. I pray that you are with them, and that you are revolving around throughout and in between the family atmosphere.

God I also pray for his faith and salvation. I pray that as he joins fellowship, that he may always fix his eyes on the true purpose of serving – for you God. I pray that he will not look for anby credit, yet find joy in seeing people praise God through the serving acts.

I pray that he will always and continue to strive for you God, I pray that he will always admit to you that he is weak, and a sinner, and that you are strong Lord. I pray that he will always be reminded that our flesh may fail, but God you never will. I pray that he will diligently continue to pursue you and be forever thankful of your mercy and grace.

Thank you so much for bringing him into my life, that I’m able to keep him accountable towards you God, i pray that you will use me in order to bring him closer to you also.

Thank you Lord,

We pray in Jesus’ name, Amen-


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