First Prayer in CG


As you know, tomorrow night is the first time that I will pray out loud, the first time I will lead prayer for the CG. God, I feel alot of stress, and pressure for some reason – self consciousness issues I guess. But God, I want to make this prayer about you, and not about me God. Ultimately, I want to glorify you and bring our CG members to the heart of worship and prayer. I dont want to make it about myself and ruin it, rather i would like them to be brought to the center of your presence. God help me tonight as I prepare for the prayer, and tomorrow night, as I speak the prayer, that I will always mkae it about you and no other. Especially not me..

God I have a tendency to make it about myself ALL the time. Sometimes its uncontrollable and I cant help it, even when I want it to be about you. But God, I pray that you will give me strength to make it all about you, and make you the focus and attention.


Thank you Lord, I know that you will help me and give me strength. For this is prayer and worship – all for you God.

We pray in Jesus’ name,



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