For the House


I know that you have listened to my pleas, and have answered my prayers. I know that you love me and that you listen and hurt whenever I cry. I know because you are my father, and I am your child. I am not a child of the devil, nor will I ever be again. So God, I bring this trouble at your feet because I’m struggling with finding a way out.

So as you know, our house is being built. But at the same time, my mum struggles to find money in  completing the house. This house has been a long dream for our family for ages – especially to my mum. I think renting continuously and having to find place after place to move can be extremely stressful – and sometimes shameful in my mums eyes. Her eagerness and vision to finish this house is the reason why it all started – because she wanted a stable home that our family could live in.

But God, with all these issues occurring, I’m starting to wonder if this house will actual be finished. We have financial and logical hurdles to overcome, and sometimes I feel like these hurdles are as tall as mountains – impossible for our family to overcome. But Lord, I pray that you will help our family. You know the desire of our family and its to get the house completed. You know where our hearts lie and we want this house to become finalized so that we may have a stable roof above our heads. But God,  I dont want to ask you to complete the house.. although I am extremely tempted to.

I think rather than asking the house to be finished, I want to ask for something greater. I want to ask that no matter what happens -my family will find joy in you and your name. Even if the house doesnt get finished, I want my family to think and say “by the grace of God, the house wasn’t able to be completed – for our own good, the house failed, praise the Lord.” Sometimes thinking like that sounds so unrealistic, because maybe I can’t imagine my mum to ever say something like that – especially when this house means so much to her. I think she loved the idea of building a house after my dad left, because it just became more and more difficult to live and support our family by herself. But i think rather than having a tangible house to be completed, I would rather her still chasing you, and finding joy in your name and your decision for her.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t want the house to be finished Lord, by all means, I would love the house to be completed. But I want it to be completed for the glory of you God, so I pray that you would examine my mums heart and see the true reason why she is building this house. If it isnt for the glory of You Lord, I pray that you will strike her heart Lord, and let her know that the reason why the house may not be completed is because her intention for this house isnt to glorify you but herself. I think if that happens, I will be so grateful – even if the house isnt completed. God I pray that her heart is true, and that the house will be completed in your name – and for your glory.

Sometimes its hard, running a business and not earning enough to sustain your dream and your current situation. i could never imagine the difficulty in that.. But God, I really do pray that my mum will find joy and comfort in you, no matter the circumstances.

The house is an important icon to us all. Its not just a house, more like a representation of my mum being able to succeed in providing us a permanent roof over our heads – exactly why I don’t want her to be disappointed if the house isnt completed.


But God, I also know that you have answered my prayers about the house before – and you miraculously turned it over. I’m not sure if that determines the house is definitely going to be completed, nor do I have the arrogance to for-tell your plan, But God I pray that I know you will not let me down. Whether you complete the house or not – I pray that you will allow our family to always love and respect you.

I know you’ve answered my prayers before, and I’m asking you another prayer now. I don’t want to fall into the habit of thinking ahead that you will immediately answer my prayers-  help me to be humbled also.

I know you hear me, and I know you give me strength. Help me to have strength in you – please God… I really want the house to be finished. I really want it to be finished so that my mum can be in peace. help her to steer her reason for the completion of this house towards you Lord.


We pray in Jesus’ name – Amen.


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