For Rachel – 02

Dear Lord,

I’m so blessed to have Rachel as a friend.. over the couple of weeks we’ve been able to truly establish our friendship – a bond that brings us closer to you. Would this be the friend that I’ve been praying for? I pray that you will have your way with us – wherever you take us.

But God, this prayer is about Rachel – and how she’s struggling to keep you above everything else. I know you acknowledge her heart, how beautiful is it to want to put you above everything else in her life. To wake up and not think about her issues in life, but to wake up and think about how great you are for bringing another day into her life. God I know the road is tough and it may take a while for her to reach that stage in her faith, but I pray that with your strength, she will get there.

Its been a long time since I’ve seen Matthew, and seeing him was so great! I honestly couldn’t comprehend the stress Rachel was going through with figuring out her feelings for Matthew until I started gaining feelings for Alex.. I guess I do know what she is battling with, not knowing whether having Matthew in her heart is good for her, whether she should just forget about him and quit.. etc. But I pray God, that she will be able to recognize that all she has to do is to trust in you, and to meditate in your word, and to stick by the word that you have provided for us. In that way i believe that you will sort the sky to blue..

I know it gets tough sometimes, and I know you of all things would understand the meaning of unconditional and unrequited love. But God, I pray that Rachel will truly rest in your grace and love, rather than seeking love from Matthew. Furthermore, I pray that she will be able to depend on you truly instead of having to figure her fate with Matthew out, all by herself. I  believe that she will get there, because she truly does have the determination God.

Rachel is such an inspiration friend, one that I probably might not be able to live without – or life would be extremely different and perhaps abit lonely without her. So God, I pray for her, that you will give her strength in laying all her issues and emotional turmoils at your feet so that she may completely focus on dedicating her life to you. Because thats where she wants to be with her faith – and its a beautiful heart to have. Make sure she never lets it go..


We pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.



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