For Alex – 02

Dear Lord,

I didn’t get to see much of Alex today, which is a bit of a shame.

But nevertheless, I will continue to pray for him because he is an important person to me. So funnily enough, I just recieved a call from him asking if I wanted to go to EMP with him. God I’m not sure if that was a coincidence, but honestly I dont really believe in coincidences.. I think this may be a calling for me to go to EMP – also because the time fits so well anyway.

Continuing on with praying for Alex ,I’m not too sure where he is at with his faith. I do know that he believes in you, but I’m not sure if he continues to diligently do QT or bible study in his spare time. Or if he spends time in prayer for himself and other people. But God, I pray that whatever happens, he will never lose sight of you- because thats the last thing that I would ever want for him.

I also pray for his membership with the fellowship ministry, I pray that he will continue to serve in that ministry for the right reason – to glorify you and you alone. I know its hard to serve in ministries without wanting some credit of your own, but God I pray that he wont focus on receiving credit, rather his credit would come from his act of service for the church.

I also pray for his attraction towards anyone. Being a single guy without any girlfriend in his life, sometimes it can be tough. But God, help him to find pure satisfaction in you rather than seeking for love elsewhere, because we both know that you can never find another one of your love. Help him to depend on you in times of need, and to plead with you in prayer and petition. Its great to go to friends for help in times of need, but I feel like noone can give true support besides you – for you alone can do the things that noone else can in this world. So God, I also pray for his dependence on you. I don’t want him feeling that he isn’t good enough for anyone in this world. Sometimes its inevitable to think that way, especially with all the insecurities in our lives, but I want tothank you that you have kept us both in the same CG – so that I may keep him accountable and he to me. I pray that you will use me to strengthen Alex as a friend – to rebuke him and to love him also. Help me like you did for the internship incident. In that way, hopefully he will be able to grow stronger in you.


God, his qualities are so pure, and some are extremely admirable. Help him to have full confidence in you – and I pray that you will help him to never let his gaze wander elsewhere, but always focus on you.


We pray in Jesus’ name, Amen-


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