For Madre


My mum is one of the strongest female that I know – probably even the most. She has this inspirational and quirky side of her that not many people get to see. She’s naive, kind and sometimes very gullible. She’s firm in her words, yet very caressing at the same time. She’s a peculiar and very beautiful person. She’s a strong believer in you Lord, I believe that sometimes she can lose the sight of you, and be hovering amongst dangerous waters but, we all do from time to time.

But Lord, I fear that she may be having those moments now..

I fear that she is becoming depressed slowly, about her age, her unsatisfactory achievements in her life, etc.. I do fear for her Lord, I want her to see the beauty of this world again, but I think her work and the lack of income has changed her perspective completely. Her business is reaching a tough mountain Lord, and I know that you can bring her through it,, you can. I pray that you will make your presence known to her, especially during her times of need. God I pray that you will help Boss Design, that it will grow to the vision that my mum shared with me since young,

I also pray for our house Lord, I pray that you have given me the vision of it being completed, however sometimes I lack the faith – which I’m extremely sorry about.. God I Pray that although our house may fluster in terms of completion, we will always hold strong to you, and cling onto the promise that you have implanted into our minds!

Lastly I pray for my mum, that she will find motivation and joy in you, that she will realize that this world is limited, and there’s only so much you can achieve. Help her to realize that you are the real reason we find joy – help her to find joy in you and nothing less. I pray that throughout her struggles and times of need, she will be able to turn to you and find peace.. Probably the greatest prayer point I strive for..

My mother is such a lovely wonderful person Lord, And I know that you will never leave her or forsake her.. but you will stay right by her side.. All she has to do is turn to you… Its so simple. Help her Lord – please..

I also pray that maybe one day, in the distant or near future, she will be able to find someone that she can spend her days with.. I really want this of her, someone who she can grow old together with, someone that she can love with all her heart – someone to heal her brokenness. I know that these attributes come from you, but you have designed us to spend our lives with another mate. I pray that its not too late for her, and that you will guide her to the right person.


I thank you Lord, For everything. I thank you for hearing me God.


We pray in Jesus’ name,



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