My Current Location..

Dear Lord,

Over the couple of days now, I can feel myself becoming more and more distant from you. Working full-time is difficult as it is, but with event management, my hours seem to get more and more consumed… Which makes it even more difficult for me to devote my time to you.

See I usually sleep at 10pm every night – to ensure I get 8 hours of blissful sleep. But right now, I’m trying to set this time to devote to you. It was really tough to even fight my own temptations but I’m here now – thats what really counts.

Working full time has made me realize how serious it is to master the art of self-control. Of course, I cannot do it without you, but I realized that its so difficult to even find time to balance work, community and my alone time with you. I actually fear for my own future – if I find it so difficult to connect with you now, how will it be in the future? Will I be even more distant from you then? because that is by far, the last thing that I would ever want..

Sometimes I get scared – but I do know that I can pray, and that you will listen (even though I don’t deserve it at all..)

So God, I pray..

I pray that you will help me become more disciplined, more self controlled. I pray that you will help me to commit to a better time management structure – rather than “going with the flow” of the day. Please Lord, help me to always feel the need of your presence, help me to feel alone sometimes when I’m astray, so that I may come back to you again.

Help me to never forget who You are, and what You have done for me. You have conquered the grave Lord, You have made Your way and saved people also. Help me Lord, to never forget that, to always know that You are Lord, not me. I am only human, but I know that you have me in your heart, and I You.

I don’t think I realized how important it is to be disciplined at a young age. I really didn’t, But I’m thankful that through this internship I can really see the difficulty of glorifying You through all my actions. Help me to do so, Please Lord.


I thank you so much, for everything and everyone. Noone loves like You do-

We pray in Jesus’ name,



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