For Alex – Job Hunting: Who is it truly for?


As the season change throughout our lives, we become more and more aware of the responsibilities we have – money, friends, community and even our jobs. In our age, not having a job could either show that you are completely dedicated to Uni, OR you’re extremely lazy.

Sometimes, people just cant see in between-

I think that’s where my good brother Alex comes in.

A university student, looking for a job. But as he was sharing to me on Sunday, I was wondering in my head, why does he really want a job? I mean throughout his sharing he never once mentioned You.. You God, are meant to be the center of our hearts, and the priority in everything we do. Of course, we fail that..but its so important to strive!

I think thats what I’m concerned for.. I’m scared that maybe Alex doesnt see the need to pray for his job, or he doesn’t see the need to really ask You for help. Maybe he doesn’t have enough faith, or maybe he thinks Your strength isn’t the greatest. Both are dangerous and I pray that he is not plopping in those waters. I pray that God, you will let him realize that only You can be int he center of his attention Lord, because You are essentially our God. And to strive for something that will not glorify you in any way, (as our heart shows us) then why do it? I let him know that if You don’t pray for it, then You can’t expect it to happen – you’ve got to clear your mind and heart and think – how is it glorfying God?

God, I pray that you will help Alex to realize that.. the importance of finding a job is so not equivalent to following and glorifying you Lord. I pray that he will always remember that, and I pray that when he finally acknowledges that, he will find true joy in you – and rest in your love Lord.

I pray that he will be able to really understand that only You can do what noone in this world ever can,


Thank you so much for everything Lord. I love praying for my friends and I’m so glad that I had time to do this today!!

In Jesus’ name we pray,




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