For Rachel

Dear God,

This is my first ever Think Tank Prayer on a laptop, and I am so privileged to pray for Rachel with this new tool. This is as exciting as ever because I can never ever get my hands aching – unlike when I’m writing.

God I do pray for Rachel, I really do… She is such an inspiring person in my life, such a beautiful creature Lord. I know her heart, I know it so well – it is kind, precious, innocent yet so firm and strong in you. She really reflects some attributes that I actually envy at times. I feel like during high school, that was the main reason why I was so cold and harsh – due to envy. She’s really great and of course you would know because she is your daughter. Lord I am so thankful that you kept us together for so long – that you have given us the taste of the harsh developments of a true sister in Christ. I absolutely love spending time with her, and sharing with her of our struggles in life, our walk with you.. etc. Although i do sometimes have an extremely heavy heart – as I don’t deserve a sister like her, I pray that you will help me God in forgiving myself, and allowing her to forgive me, if she hasn’t so already.

I believe that in our age now, we are so welcomed by all the impurities of this world, this limited sinful place we live in. We as humans become driven to what we can actually see, what we can have tangibly in our hands – rather than having true sturdy faith. I believe that you will bless Rachel in giving her strength to never let go of you , and to never strive for anything LESS than you. I pray that as she grows, wherever You take her, I pray that she will grow to become a strong, passionate lover for you Lord. I can only pray for this, as I would pray for myself – in pure love and hope for the future days to come. I only think its fair to say that living in this world is dangerous, and sometimes it can be really scary too. There’s so many things happening in this world, and our security is so little. Satan comes to steal and attack at the dead of night, but funnily enough – even during the days, right before our eyes. I just pray that Rachel will be able to cling on to you during her struggles, her trials and temptations also. That she will turn to you in prayer and petition, in meditating the word rather than focusing on the limited things in this world that could bring you happiness, not joy.

See the difference between happiness and joy is that happiness is of this world – limited pleasures, and joy is the true everlasting pleasure we find in you – complete adoration. I pray that in Rachel’s life, as she walks closer to you, she will grow to become your true sheep, and find everlasting joy in you.

Lord I pray for Rachel, because I care and because I desire the best for her. However I also know that you are in control, that you have the true ultimate heart for her. I pray for Rachel, from the bottom of my heart.